Saturday, November 20, 2004

Liberal Poligion (politics and religion) thoughts

This is my first posting. I invision this blog to be an updated diary about my life, but also the life of others, both alive and dead, who have influenced me along this 50 plus journey of living. My tendency to love thinking along the social, religious, and political edge makes me want to use this forum to post these thoughts. I will try to tie most things into current events, however history loves to remind me of how important it is to keep things that are current into their proper perspective. In addition you will hopefully get to know me and what my life is like so you can keep my ramblings in there own perspective.

One reason I thought this would be a good thing to do is out of my utter frustration about the way I see the things around me. I know that I cannot be the only one that shares these thoughts, in fact, my inspiration came from a blog I read that was so easy to identify with.

Well today, when I came home from my mindless underpaying job a few things I caught in the news, kind of a combo of print, radio, and tv. DeLay is a powerhungry hypocrite. Ok, that deserves a Duhhhaaa!. But it is the word hypocrite (hypocrocy) that really stands out here. This is but a small tidbit of news regarding the Republicans changing their own ethics rules implemented around the time of the Gingrich revolution. But it is huge in this sense, that this political system of ours is void of any morality despite the fact that conservatives are so hypocrytical in their lack of morals in the political arena, because they run on high moral values, and win on it. And what about that American Indian screw job Ralph Reed and friends did in Texas. I know it is a bit complicated, but God.. Americans.. wake the fuck up, will you? Custer Industries in Iraq. Iraq. So, how many civilians have been killed?.. and why do we think the families of these civilians will all gather round Bush and the American flag and sing Kumbaya? Is it me?